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2017 Wagner, Herbert;Stadlmann, Monika;Wicker, Anton;Papamichalopoulos, Christopher;von Duvillard, Serge P. Journal Article Comparison of stationary ZAN 600 to portable Cosmed K4b2 metabolic cart in experienced game sport athletes International Journal of Sport, Exercise and Health Research
2015 Pötzelsberger, Birgit;Stöggl, Thomas;Lindinger, Stefan;Dirnberger, Johannes;Stadlmann, Monika;Buchecker, Michael;Müller, Erich Journal Article Alpine skiing with total knee arthroplasty (ASWAP): effects on strength and cardiorespiratory fitness Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports
2015 Pötzelsberger, Birgit;Stöggl, Thomas;Lindinger, Stefan Josef;Dirnberger, Johannes;Stadlmann, Monika;Buchecker, Michael;Hofstaedter, Thomas;Gordon, K.;Müller, Erich Journal Article Alpine Skiing With total knee ArthroPlasty (ASWAP): effects on strength and cardiorespiratory fitness Scand J Med Sci Sports
2010 Haudum, Anita;Birklbauer, Jürgen;Stadlmann, Monika;Bauer, Gerald;Müller, Erich Conference Paper Physiological response to walking with support of elastic cords in ski touring
2010 Tschentscher, M.;Gonaus, Ch.;Koch, R.;Stadlmann, M.;Ring-Dimitriou, S. Conference Paper Respiratory thresholds and their relation to fat oxidation
2008 Ring-Dimitriou, Susanne;vonDuvillard, Serge P.;Stadlmann, Monika;Kinnunen, H.;Drachta, Oliver;Müller, Erich;Laukkanen, R.;Hamra, J.;Weeks, S;Peak, K. Journal Article Changes in physical fitness in moderately fit adults with and without the use of exercise telemetry monitors Eur J Appl Physiol
2007 Ring-Dimitriou, Susanne;vonDuvillard, Serge P.;Paulweber, Bernhard;Stadlmann, Monika;LeMura, L. M.;Peak, K.;Müller, Erich Journal Article Nine months aerobic fitness induced changes on blood lipids and lipoproteins in untrained subjects versus controls Eur J Appl Physiol
2006 Ring-Dimitriou, Susanne;Stadlmann, Monika;Paulweber, B.;Müller, Erich Conference Paper Gesundheitsfördernde Fitness und ihre Wirkung auf die Konzentration der Blutfette
2006 Ring-Dimitriou, Susanne;Paulweber, Bernhard;vonDuvillard, Serge P.;LeMura, L. M.;Stadlmann, Monika;Lang, J.;Müller, Erich Journal Article The effect of physical activity and physical fitness on plasma adiponectin in adults with predisposition to metabolic syndrome Eur J Appl Physiol
2005 Stadlmann, Monika;Ring-Dimitriou, Susanne;Gruber, Josef;Müller, Erich;Laukkanen, R. Conference Paper Critical considerations for the estimation of VO2max by the regression equation of Jackson in trained females
2005 Ring-Dimitriou, Susanne;Stadlmann, Monika;Kinnunen, H.;Sedlinger, Ch.;Drachta, Oliver;Müller, Erich;Laukkanen, R. Conference Paper Does a technical device support a self-administered exercise training to enhance aerobic fitness?
2004 Ring, Susanne;Stadlmann, Monika;Paulweber, Bernhard;Müller, Erich Journal Article Wirkung eines einjährigen Ausdauertrainings auf die aerobe Fitness und die Konzentration der Blutfette bei untrainierten Erwachsenen. Dosis-Wirkungs-Betrachtung Spectrum der Sportwissenschaften
2003 Ring, Susanne;Stadlmann, Monika;Müller, Erich Conference Paper Stability of target heart rate in untrained adults over 1-year marathon training
2002 Ring, Susanne;Stadlmann, Monika;Weiss, Margit;Müller, Erich Conference Paper Long-term effects of a marathon training on physical performance in untrained healthy adults
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