Teaching degree for secondary schools



That awaits you

The subject "physical education" primarily trains teachers to develop teaching skills in the subject of physical education for all types of secondary schools. In addition, the degree programme is suitable for all pedagogically oriented professional fields in the context of movement and sport.

The programme is characterised by its theoretically and practically approach. You will acquire specialist knowledge in the areas relevant to the subject physical education (such as sports pedagogy, sports psychology, sports ecology, sports sociology, sports biology, science of movement, biomechanics, trainingtheories). These findings are applied in an interdisciplinary manner to the subject areas of health, performance and competitions, playing and shaping, social learning, risk and experience, safety and risk management as well as diversity (gender, age, cultural background, talent/impairment in sport) and are applied and deepened in a competence-oriented manner in practical and didactic courses.


You should...

  • enjoy teaching physical education
  • like to deal with sportsrelated topics
  • like to think about and try out how to design sports lessons in an optimal way in order to create optimal learning conditions against the background of the students' prerequisites, theoretical and methodological knowledge.


Special features of  the location in Salzburg

  • The Interfaculty Department of Sports and Exercise Science oft he university of Salzburg is a unique campus and an internationally renowned location, which closely links interdisciplinary scientific and didactic research with teaching and application in the fields of school, health and competitive sports.
  • The curriculum for the subject physical education is characterized by a close connection of scientific, practical and teaching contents.
  • Students are actively involved in projects in various subject areas and can put their acquired knowledge into practical acting.
  • Due to the excellent cooperation with various schools, teaching experience can be used intensively for the development of their own teaching skills within the framework of sports didactic internships.

hard facts

  • Structure: Bachelor's programme (8 semesters), Master's programme (4 semesters)
  • Main place of study: IFFB Sport and Exercise Science, HalleinRif
  • Degree: Bachelor of Education (BEd), Master of Education (MEd)


Prerequisites: The admission to the pedagogical studies for the school subject “Physical Education” requires a positive result of a specific motor aptitude test, basic skiing skills and the compliance of the the general university entrance requirements.


Further information and contact persons

  • Service Center for Educational Services: lehramt@plus.ac.at
  • Student council: https://lehramtsalzburg.at/
  • Study Representation Exercise and Sport: stv.sport@oehsalzburg.at
  • Cluster Mitte (PädagogInnenbildung ÖÖ & SBG): Procedure, information, registration, general admission procedure: https://www.lehrerinwerden.at/