Bachelor Sport Science and Kinesiology

Sport Science and Kinesiology
Bachelor of Science (Bsc)

Prerequisites: The admission to the Bachelor studies of Sport Science and Kinesiology requires a positive result of a specific motor aptitude test, basic skiing skills and the compliance of the the general university entrance requirements.

Duration: 6 semester
time and effort: full-time
ECTS* - points:  180

There is a new Course offer for the Bachelor Studies of Sport Science and Kinesiology starting in October 2018.
The courses are modular organized, the students can choose between two compulsory optional subjects "Training therapy" or "Competetive sport".

Curriculum Bachelorstudies of Sport Science and Kinesiology NEW (2018 german)

Start of studies: Wintersemester (recommended) or Summersemester
Location: Hallein/Rif (Salzburg)

temporary arrangement:

Students have the right to change from old to new curriculum within the general application by sending a printed form to the university service.
Those who already started the studies and want to stay in the curriculum 2007 can finish the studies till November 30, 2016. Those who are startede with the curriculum 2013 can finish the studies till September 2016.