Final Bachelor degree

Final bachelor degree (2007 discontinued)

After the final exam of your bachelor studies you can make an application via email to Mrs. Brillinger to get your notification of award. After receiving an email via PLUSonline you can ask the Serviceeinrichtung Studium studium(at) to start with a master degree via email. (Mind to give your name, matriculation number and date of birth).

Final bachelor degree Sportscience and Kinesiology (Version 2013)

As final exam of your beachelor studies you have to pass a committee examination. Prerequisite therefore is to pass all examinations successfully and an evaluated bachelor thesis.

Information Sheet  of the final examination (german)

Announcement of examiners and date of exam (german)




Final Teachers Courses

First and second Part of the Teachers Training Courses (discontinued)

After the final exam of the first or second part of your studies you should refill the "Prüfungspass" (download) and bring it to Mrs. Felbermayer oder Mrs. Brillinger.

Prüfungspass Teachers Training Courses (discontinued)

Bachelorstudies Teachers Training Courses (2013)

Prüfungspass Bac.-Studies Teachers Trainings Courses (2013)

Final Master Degree

Registering/Submitting your Master thesis and final Examination

checklist masterthesis and final exam.  (german)

You can download a layout for the titel of your master thesis and the CD-Cover of the digital Version

Final examination

The required forms you find here to download. All documents have to be in the office of Mrs. Brillinger two weeks before the final exam.

Announcement of examiners and date of exam (pdf) (german)

Announcement of examiners and date of exam (word) (german)

Questionnaire for graduates (german)

Publication of masterthesis

Find more about it under this Link


Notification of Award: Four weeks after graduation at the latest you will receive your notification of award.

Graduation Ceremony: Please register for the official graduation ceremony at the university’s main office, Kapitelgasse 4, Salzburg city. Tel. (0662) 8044/2253-2258.