For Starters

If you are unsure about the study you should choose, please, inform yourself on the Websites of the University of Salzburg or consult directly the student councelling of our department.

Physical Examination

Before starting any sport scientific studies we suggest making a specific physical examination by a physician specialized in sport medicine. The University Institute for Preventive and Rehabilitative Sport Medicine offers such tests to students and applicants at special prices.

Motor Aptitude Test

Before starting the Bachelorstudies on the Department of Sport Science and Kinesiology students have to pass successfully a motor aptitude test to proof their physical fitness. Enrolments for the test are to be made online.

Therefore the University Sport Institut offers preparatory training courses, in Spring and August.

Students who do not pass the test on the first go can start their studies at the department with one restriction: course enrolment is not possible for courses, for which the motor aptitude test is conditional (see lecture catalog). Exams will be accredited to a second choice of studies and then, after the successful motor aptitude test and the matriculation for our department, will be transcribed to the studies of Sport Science and Kinesiology.

Registration for Studies

Two days after having successfully passed the motor aptitude test, you have to go to the service office  (Kapitelgasse 4, Salzburg city) for personal matriculation and reception of the “University of Salzburg Card”. After you have transfered your fee for the Österreichische Hochschülerschaft (ÖH) you will get the access authorization for 'PLUSonline', a web-based software for course enrolment and for Blackboard (e-learning), a web-based software for further organizational matters. Then you can start the enrolement for your courses. Concerning the choice of your courses we suggest acting in accordance with our recommended term plans for the different curricula.

Further Informations of importance

Every student gets his owne University-Mail-Adress to communicate with other students, lecturers and offices. You have to set up this mailing adress and request it regulary.

Please note the Current Informations on our website. Here you will find useful informations concerning courses, grants, abroad studies, use of labaratories and downloads.

Informations concerning law, studying in Austria or abroad, student grants, social issues, a.o. you'll find on the website of the Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Wirtschaft.