Training and Movement Science

Training Science deals with the effects of different training methods or movement concepts on motor performance and fitness level. The registered target groups range from the area of competitive sports and fitness and health sports to the rehabilitation of diseases and injuries.
Movement Science investigates fundamental phenomena and principles of human motor control.




Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Erich Müller


Mag. Sabine Brillinger,


Dr. Jürgen Birklbauer, Senior Scientist

Assoz. Prof. Dr. Dr. Susanne Ring-Dimitriou

Univ. Prof. Dr. Thomas Stöggl

Assoz. Prof. Dr. Herbert Wagner

Dr. Michael Buchecker, Senior Scientist

Dr. Alexander Kösters, Senior Scientist

Mag. Monika Stadlmann, Senior Lecturer

Dr. Christian Schiefermüller, sportl. Leiter Olympiazentrum Salzburg-Rif

Staff scientific projects

Mag. Gerald Bauer Olympiazentrum Salzburg/Rif

Dr. Johannes Dirnberger Olympiazentrum Salzburg/Rif

Mag. Erich Eitzlmair

Mag. Christoph Gonaus

Mag. Rüdiger Jahnel

Dr. Sascha Kratky Olympiazentrum Salzburg/Rif

Mag. Dr. Jürgen Pfusterschmied

Dr. Birgit Pötzelsberger ULG Sports Physiotherapie

Dr. Florian Rieder

Mag. Csaba Szekely Olympiazentrum Salzburg/Rif

Dr. Hans-Peter Wiesinger


StudienassistentInnen des Laufenden Semesters


Robert Eckschlager
Alina Oblasser
Michael Scheuringer
Laura Landry