Motion and performance diagnostic lab

Equipment guards of the
performance diagnostic lab I und II:
(Phone +43(0)662-8044-4893)
Christopher Gressenbauer
Franz Promberger
Daniel Danter, Bsc Bsc

The availability of various test equipment can be checked via a web-based reservation system. Use the "registration form" to register yourself in one of the labs  to get an account for the reservation system.

Registration form for lab-admission (german)

Instruction for online-reservation (german)

Reservations for messurement equipment can only be done for the time of
opening hours(Mon.: 9 am-2 pm; Tue.-Thu. 9 am to 4 pm and Fri.:, 9 am to 12 am)
Manuals of all the measuring devices of the three laboratories (motion analysis lab, performance diagnostics lab and endurance lab) are available online as digital versions for download:

InstructionAMTI-Kraftmessplatte (german)

Instruction Kistler-Kraftmessplatte (german)

Instruction Rumpfkraftmesssystem Schnell M3 (german)

Instruction Muskelleistung "Muscle-Lab" (german)

In the motion analyse lab there is also placed the „ISOMED 2000“, an isokinetic testing and training equipment. You have to clarify the use and reservation of it personally with the equipment guard  Dr. Dirnberger.

All further enquiries concerning the motion or performance diagnostic labs you can direct to the laboratory manager Mag. Alexander Kösters.